league bowling
Crestwood Bowl has leagues throughout the week with something for everyone – day or night, juniors, adults, men or women.  Bring along your own team or we can place you on a team.

League bowling is a great way to meet new friends, socialize with old friends, or spend time with your family. Get some exercise and have some fun – join a league at Crestwood Bowl!

If you’re wanting to bowl but not every week, join our Saturday or Sunday League.  You’ll have a great time!

Summer Leagues


Monday – mixed 4 person teams starts May 9th
Monday Morning Senior 9 Pin at 10am


Tuesday – 9 pin double
Starts May 10th


1 Adult and 1 Child (18 and under) 1 free pizza per team per week
Starts May 26th

Fall / Winter Leagues


Night Leagues

Monday: Round Table – Men 5 Per Team  6:30pm  Meeting 8/17

Monday: Lions – Mixed 4 Per Team  6:30 pm  Meeting 8/17


Morning / Afternoon Leagues

Tuesday: Cure of Ars – Ladies 3 Per Team

Tuesday: Kirkwood Rec – Ladies 3 Per Team

Evening Leagues

Tuesday: Hi-Lo’s – Ladies 4 Per Team  6:30pm Meeting 8/10

Tuesday Mixed Sport Shot Singles 6:30pm Meeting and start 9/7


Morning / Afternoon Leagues

Wednesday: Morning Swingers – Ladies 4 Per Team

Wednesday: St. Pommie/ Bayless – Ladies 4 Per Team

Evening Leagues

Wednesday: Sundowners – Men 4 Per Team 6:30pm Meeting 8/4

Wednesday: Early Bird Ladies 6:30pm   – 4 Per Team Meeting 8/11


Morning / Afternoon Leagues

Thursday: Early Ettes – Ladies 4 Per Team

Evening Leagues

Thursday: Metro – Men 5 Per Team  6:15pm  Meeting 8/12


Friday Evening Leagues

Friday: Ray Bluth’s Classic 6:30pm  – Mixed 5 Per Team  Meeting 8/13

Friday: Friday Early Mixed- Mixed 4 Per Team 6:30pm Meeting 8/13


Morning / Afternoon Leagues

Every other Sunday: Afternoon Delight – 4 Per Team

Evening Leagues

Saturday: Holy Rollers – Mixed 2 Per Team  6;15pm  Meeting Date to be Det

Saturday: Friendship Mixed – 4 Per Team  6:15pm  Meeting Datet to be Det



Afternoon Leagues

Sunday Mixed: Afternoon Delight – Mixed 4 Per Team  2pm 



Youth League

Saturday Kids League

Sign Up Party:  August 28th @ 10:00 am-  Noon.  Stay and Bowl for $5.00.  Includes hotdog, chips and drink.  Meet new friends!  Prizes awarded!
First Day of Leagues:  September 11th @ 9:30 am.  Practice at 9:15am.

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3 Age Divisions
3 Games & Shoes
2 Game Bumper Bowling

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